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Huancavelica - Lircay Mission

Huancavelica-Lircay Mission

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Lircay, Peru:
Located in the south central Andean state of Huancavelica, the city of Lircay is nestled in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 10,755 feet. The population is approximately 6500 people with the majority of the town being indigenous Inca descent and bear the poorest conditions of the Peruvian people.

You will find the people of Lircay to be extremely kind and appreciative. Lircay’s landscape is so beautiful and is known as the “Switzerland of the Andes”.

Lircay Hospital:
The health systems in this region are not the best, but keep improving with our help. Lircay Hospital is small with only 22 beds. The government has had a difficult time to get permanent physicians to these regions. They created an agreement with physicians to travel to Lircay and work for 10 days a month. A building was erected on hospital grounds to house the physicians with modest rooms and bathroom facilities. A new group of doctors rotates in and out every 10 days. There are very limited medical specialties.

Huancavelica/Lircay Medical Mission:
The mission usually takes place for 1-2 weeks in July and consists of Medical, Surgical, Educational/preventative teams. Because of the pandemic it has been postponed. We hope to restart it on a smaller scale for 2023.

Huancavelica Lircay Team Contacts

Medical Director

Rogelio Choy, MD FCCP

Executive Director
Catherine Choy, RN