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PAMS Board of Directors


Miguel Vasquez, M.D.
Past President 
Ronald Mera, M.D.

Astrid Valdivieso

Dave Moretz
President Elect
Luis A. Campos M.D.
Executive Director
Maria Sanders
Advisory Council Chair
Luis Espinoza, M.D.

Chapter Presidents Rep. 
Pablo Uceda, M.D.

Education Director
Manuel Valdivieso, M.D.
Missions Director
Juan Carlos Alejos, M.D.
Finance Director
Gonzalo Huaman, M.D.
Strategic Development Director
Tulio Bertorini, M.D.

Member as Large
Iracema Arevalo, M.D.
Member at Large
Jorge Rios Perez, M.D.

PAMS Committees

Advisory Council

Luis Espinoza, MD – Chair
PAMS Past Presidents

PAMS Humanitarian &
Lifetime Achievement

Miguel Vasquez, MD - Chair
Nora del Busto, MD
José Galvez, MD


Willy Rios-Araico, MD – Chair
Dave Moretz
José Galvez, MD

Chapter Presidents

Pablo Uceda, MD - Chair
PAMS Chapter Presidents


Manuel Valdivieso. MD - Chair
Maria Sjogren, MD
Luis Espinoza, MD
Victor Rozas, MD
Rossana Baracco Maggi, MD
Jose Gonzalez, MD
Lina Huerta, MD
Jorge Rios Perez, MD
Dr. Blanca Alzamora
Natalia Ferrari, MD
Katia Bravo, MD
Paola Huaynate, MD

Finance & Marketing

Astrid Valdivieso – Chair
Rogelio Choy, MD
Luis Espinoza, MD
Gonzalo Huaman, MD
Walter Janke, MD
Dave Moretz
Luis Strohmeier
Manuel Valdivieso, MD

Medical Missions 

Juan Carlos Alejos, MD – Chair
Anita Soluna, MD
Cesar Aranguri, MD
Iracema Arevalo, MD
Julio Sotelo, MD

Nominating & Credentialing

Cesar Aranguri, MD – Chair
Federico Alva, MD
Tulio Bertorini, MD
Kathie Nureña, MD

Publications & Communications

Dave Mortez – Chair
Luis Espinoza, MD
Anita Soluna, MS
Pablo Uceda, MD
Astrid Valdivieso

Strategic Planning 

Luis A. Campos, MD - Chair
Miguel Vasquez, MD
Tulio Bertorini, MD
Manuel Valdivieso, MD

New Member

Iracema Arevalo, MD - Chair 
Dr. Blanca Alzamorra
Dr. Paola Diaz
Katia Bravo, MD
Dr. Alicia Olave-Pichon

Board Review

Ronald Mera, MD – Chair
Gonzalo Huaman, MD
Luis Campos, MD
Juan Carlos Alejos, MD
Manuel Valdivieso, MD