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Selva in Action - Iquitos

Selva in Action5


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The next Selva in Action Missions will be April 29 to May 5, 2023.  

For more information please contact Program Director, Anita Soluna at  

2023 SIA Mission Announcement

SIA Missions Presentation

, led by Medical Director Dr. Luis A. Espinoza, Dental Director Dr. Arlynn “Sammi” Ráez, and Program Director Anita Soluna, is a volunteer medical, dental, educational, and empowerment program that provides services to villagers living
 along the Rio Momón in the Amazon jungle, a few hours from the city of Iquitos, Perú.

The Mission Statement of Selva in Action:  

“To improve access to health care, promote wellness and education, and provide economic development linkages for the people who live along the rivers in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.”

As a result of program evolution and expansion, the SIA team has joined forces with health posts (postasmedica) in the villages of Centro Fuerte, Sargento Lores, and Punto Alegre, where we have consistently served over 600 villagers yearly. 

According to the Peruvian government, the Rio Momón has been declared an area of extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is defined as having so little income that if every cent were spent on food, there would not be sufficient food to provide adequate nutrition.  Accessible only by boat, the people who live along the Rio Momón consider themselves “the forgotten ones.”

SIA welcomes all medical and non-medical volunteers who have a willing heart and helping hands.  To join us, or for more information, please see contacts. 

SIA Team Contacts

Medical Director
Luis Espinoza, MD

Program Director

Anita Soluna

Dental Director
Arlynn "Sammi" Ráez, DDS

Volunteer Coordinator

Aryn Yancher