Dr. Anibal Zambrano Memorial

On Monday, February 15, the first day of the St. Louis Chincha Medical Mission, PAMS posthumously recognized Dr. Anibal Zambrano for his extraordinary volunteer efforts in founding PAMS Medical Center in Chincha, Peru. In honor, his semblance was placed in the Center’s atrium with a plaque commemorating his merit, and a memorial tree was planted in the Center’s garden. Mrs. Kathy Zambrano, Alejandro, Daniel, Roberto, and Kathy, their children, also buried some of Anibal’s ashes with the tree in the garden’s circle.

Ing. César Carranza, Dr. Maria Sjogren, Mrs. Kathy Zambrano, Dr. Manuel Valdivieso, Dr. José Miguel Morales, Mr. Daniel Zambrano, and Dr. Ricardo Caycho, addressed those gathered, remembering Anibal as a PAMS leader, founder of the Medical Center, friend, classmate, father and spouse.

Reverend Christian Yamanija led the unveiling of Anibal’s semblance and the burial of Anibal’s ashes with the planting of the tree. The event closed in the atrium with appetizers served by Princess, Anibal’s favorite restaurant in Chincha, and a performance by a local dance troupe.

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