Volunteer Reflections: Dr. Paul Busse | Chincha January 2016

This is the first time that I have led a mission to my home country. It has been a dream of mine for years, after being part of multiple missions with other organizations in the past. We couldn’t have picked a better location than PAMS Chincha Medical Center. Our mission was from January 25-28, and although we were only there for four short days, we were able to see close to 400 patients. We all finished each day with an immense sense of satisfaction, having helped patients and reached some communities that otherwise wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get to the Center.

We visited different remote locations each afternoon, ranging from a community that lived in a cemetery, to a village in the El Carmen district, a commute involving two bus rides to the Center in Chincha. We were all beyond impressed with how well organized PAMS’ Center is. The Center, led by Dr. Manuel Valdivieso, is very well equipped and the support staff is beyond efficient. If they didn’t know something, or couldn’t find it, rest assured that within five minutes they would offer a solution. The ladies that volunteered made an enormous difference. They are all extremely committed and keep everything running very smoothly.

We all left completely satisfied with our work within the community, but somewhat with a broken heart. We wished we could have seen more patients and stayed longer, knowing the impact of our mission. We made new friends and helped families along their journey. Thank you PAMS and we will see you later…

Paul A. Busse, MD

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