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PAMS and National Academy of Medicine of Peru sign A Cooperation Agreement

Dr. Alberto Perales Cabrera, President, National Academy of Medicine

The XXI century has been called the century of information and knowledge. The experts conceive this as three interconnected worlds, i.e. the world of thought, science, and technology. In the health field, the scientific societies function in the world of science, generating new knowledge that opens up new paths for the interpretation of reality and creation of new technology that can then be used for the good of the society.

The role of the National Academy of Medicine is to provide advice to public institutions, making available to them the evidence produced by scientific investigations on health issues of national interest, so that political decisions that are made would have less probability of error.

In order to provide sound advice to the President of our nation, the Minister of Health, and other institutions on a variety of health issues, the NAM requires the participation of highly qualified national health experts. Given the clinical and academic experience of PAMS members in a first world country, our recently forged partnership with this institution, ensures that the advisory role of the Academy will be more satisfactorily realized. This and other potential gains, support the decision made by both institutions to join efforts for the good of Peru.

Dr. LLeni Pach Miller, PAMS Past President

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, “To become a man is to be responsible; to be ashamed of miseries that you did not cause.” To practice Medicine, to take the Hippocratic Oath is to be responsible; to be responsible for the miseries we have not caused.

The passion for practicing Medicine as an Art and as a Science and the passion to serve our Peru, has lead us to join our efforts to the lofty mission of the National Academy of Medicine of Peru.

Having signed a commitment of cooperation with the NAM, we in PAMS offer to collaborate closely towards achieving that in Peru, the medical profession promote the ethical principles in the patient-doctor relationship, cultivate levels of professional excellence in the Health areas related to Education and Research, and foster Health policies that will facilitate achieving these objectives. It is our intention and commitment to help in opening new paths that lead to the well-being of the Peruvian population, striving towards a society in which human rights and justice are the top priorities.

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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) / Convenios

  • Academia Nacional de Medicina
  • Cayetano Heredia University School of Medicine (“Alberto Hurtado”)
  • Italian nonprofit org ARPA
  • Ricardo Palma University School of Medicine
  • San Marcos University School of Medicine
  • Universidad Andina del Cusco

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