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Dr. Victor V. Rozas, born and raised in Cuzco, Peru, went to Lima in 1960 to attend San Marcos University Medical School. After he graduated from medical school and while pursuing his internship at Arzobispo Loayza hospital, he was motivated by Dr. Carlos Subaste to further his education in the US. He began his first year in Internal Medicine at Philadelphia General Hospital. Then, after two years at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, he attended the University of Michigan for his nephrology fellowship. Upon completion of his fellowship, he established a nephrology practice that now includes ten dialysis facilities in and around Alma, Michigan.

Dr. Efrain Montesinos organized a 1994 Medical Mission to the Regional Hospital of Cuzco and recruited Dr. Rozas to go along. Dr. Rozas returned in 1997 as a Director of a Medical Mission to the Antonio Lorena Hospital and again as a volunteer on the 2002 Regional Hospital Mission and the 2004 Lorena Hospital Mission directed by Dr. Ruben Chuquimia and the Illinois Chapter. During the last mission, the Antonio Lorena Hospital requested help in establishing a dialysis unit. Dr. Rozas provided them with professional and technical advice and architectural drawings of dialysis facilities in Michigan. With the help of the Regional Government, the hospital built the dialysis unit. Dr. Rozas provided professional expertise to set up dialysis machines, supplies, and the water treatment plant he sent to Cuzco. He had also previously helped to establish a dialysis unit at Dos de Mayo Hospital in Lima.

During his many trips, he has become involved with a Rotary Club of young professionals in Cuzco. They are committed to improving health services at the Regional Hospital and have asked for his help in improving a rudimentary burn unit. The preliminary work for this mission is being done in collaboration with Dr. Anibal Pepper, a PAMS member from Illinois who has already helped establish two burn units in Peru.

Jaennette, Dr. Rozas wife, is a member of PAMS Auxiliary and has worked with the Antonio Lorena Hospital in renovating a section of the pediatric ward into a step down unit for young children with severe illnesses. Over the years she has continued her support of the pediatrics and neonatology units with supplies and clothing for the newborns.

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