PAMS Signs Collaborative Agreements

The President of PAMS, Dr. Luis Espinoza, signed a collaborative agreement with the Universidad Ricardo Palma (URP) on October 18, 2018. The agreement is valid for five years and was signed by the President of the University, Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Chávez, and the Dean of the Medical School, Dra. Maria del Socorro Alatrista Vda. de Bambaren. Also present were the facilitators of the agreement, Dr. Jhony Alberto De La Cruz Vargas, Director del Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Biomédicas, and Dr. Manuel Valdivieso, PAMS Director of Education.

Pictured left to right are: Dra. Maria del Socorro Alatrista Vda. de Bambaren, Dr. Luis Espinoza, Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Chávez, Dr. Manuel Valdivieso, and Dr. Jhony Alberto De La Cruz Vargas.

The agreement includes promising collaboration in clinical care, teaching and medical research. To facilitate discussion of priorities and specific areas of collaboration in these areas, a small subcommittee of three members at each institution will be instituted.

A three-year collaborative agreement was signed on October 11, 2018 with the Universidad Cientifica del Sur (UCS) by the Executive Director of PAMS para el Peru, Dr. Oscar Miranda. It calls for closer teaching and academic collaboration between PAMS, its Polyclinic in Chincha, and the University. UCS will upgrade the telemedicine capabilities of the Polyclinic to facilitate video conferences given by PAMS members from the US on topics of interest to local physicians. The conferences, accredited by Colegio Medico del Peru, will assist local physicians with their license renewal. The agreement also includes possibilities of faculty and student participation in the clinical activities of the Polyclinic and with PAMS medical missions.

PAMS welcomes these agreements and looks forward to their implementation.

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