SOCIMEP XXIX Annual Congress, Iquitos 2015

The Peruvian Medical Student Scientific Society (Sociedad Científica Médico Estudiantil Peruana –SOCIMEP) is the oldest and most recognized society of Peruvian Medical Students, and consists of the scientific societies of 30 Schools of Medicine throughout Perú. Since 1987, they have been organizing a National Scientific Congress of Medical Students, an event that has been recognized nationally and internationally, with gatherings of more than a thousand students and professionals. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in plenary sessions, seminars and symposiums with recognized researchers, while medical students have the opportunity to present their research studies.

Dr. Edgard Vera

In August of 2015, SOCIMEP held its XXIX Scientific Congress in the city of Iquitos, Perú. During the event, awards were given to the three best research studies conducted by medical students. For the second consecutive year, PAMS sponsored the first place prize of $1,000.00, thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Edgard Vera. PAMS also sponsored the second place prize of $500.00 through its Research Fund. PAMS was officially represented at the event by Dr. Edgard Vera.

The Research Study awarded the first prize was titled “Enterobiasis Factors Associated with Children of Two Native Communities Ese’eja of Madre de Dios”. The study was presented by Dante Manuel Quiñones Laveriano, from University Ricardo Palma. The study found a high prevalence of enterobiasis (32.47%), with many risk factors such as onicophagia, long nails, scrumptious, exchange of clothes, change of underwear, use of shoes, poor hand hygiene, play-ing with dirt and pets, persons in the household, excreta disposal, and socio/economic status.

Winners of the Best Research Prize. From left
to right: Noé Atamari Nahui (third prize),
Dante Quiñonez Laveriano (first prize), Christian
Mejia (SOCIMEP Advisor), Clara Herrera
Cáceres (second prize)

The Research Study awarded the second prize was titled “Use of Smart Phones and Telemedicine in Medical Applications in Perú”. The study was presented by Clara Herrera Cáceres from the National University San Antonio Abad, Cuzco, Perú. The study was prospective and surveyed a total of 1013 physicians, from several centers, who use smart phones. 30% of those surveyed were professors and 65% of the respondents were male with a median age of 35 years. The survey found that 98% of respondents used some application on their smart phones. The most frequently used applications allowed access to the web (31%) and E-Mail (30%). As far as the use of telemedicine, 73% had sent an image/ video to a colleague, 29% had a video conference with a colleague in regards to a patient, and 30% used their smart phone to communicate with a patient without considering answering phone calls. There were several student collaborators to the study from different schools of medicine.

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