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The Campos family moved to Lima from Huancayo, when Luis was three years old. He attended San Andres School, run by the Free Church of Scotland, and after graduation went to medical school in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1972 he moved to Houston, Texas where he completed his cardiology Fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine and began his practice. For several years the Campos’ were involved in medical missions to Mexico. In 1999 the idea of beginning a medical mission in Peru started forming.

He explored options and participated in medical missions serving the “Shanty Towns” (Pueblos Jovenes) on the outskirts of Lima. During one of the missions to Haycan, Buckner International donated shoes to be given to four groups of needy children. One of the groups was in the community of Collique. After the medical mission activity of the day, some of the team members went to deliver shoes to the sixty children in Collique. “We had never seen such poverty!” Imagine knowing you have the right size shoe for a child, but the child begins to cry when you attempt to remove the shoe that is either too small or too big. What was supposed to be a short visit became the beginning of “Operacion San Andres”. The decision was made to concentrate efforts in Collique to try and make a lasting, transformational impact in the community.

The Collique Mission, Operación San Andres (OSA), is a Texas non-profit organization and a mission of the South Main Baptist Church in Houston. It is named in honor of the apostle Andrew who, in the Gospel of John, is always seen introducing people to Jesus. In 2003, a small (200 m²) plot of land was purchased, where OSA-House now stands. A sport slab has been built in an adjacent field. Year round programs are carried out: feeding programs for approximately 140 children, educational supplement, “Forming Healthy Families”, medical-dental campaigns twice a year, enrichment programs such as sports and music, spiritual formation, sewing and jewelry-making classes, “home improvement” initiatives, Bible study, ecology and gardening programs.

Since January 2008, Chris and Jessica Rose, a young couple from the Houston area, both elementary school teachers, have been living in the apartment at OSA-House, serving the community as an example of what a young family should be. They have had a second son, Diego, while in Collique. Chris is a member of the local soccer team, Manchester United, and one of his unrealistic goals is to “blend in.” He is 6’ 4,” tall, skinny, blond, and blue eyed. Jessica is very involved with pre-natal education of young mothers and early childhood development.

Twice a year, a team of doctors, dentists, optometrists and healthcare providers travel to Collique to give follow-up care and medical attention to the community. Thanks to the medicines, vitamins and anti-parasitic drugs given, there is an observed difference in the growth, health and attention of the children.

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