Chincha Medical and Educational Center (CMEC)

The Chincha project started after the catastrophic earthquake of 2007 destroyed the medical facilities in Chincha and the surrounding communities. After the quake, PAMS’ leadership, members and friends in the US and in Peru moved with a sense of solidarity and a desire to help, and with donations from individuals and businesses a first class clinical facility was built. The construction and operation of the Chincha Medical Educational Center (CMEC) has been the most extensive project ever undertaken by PAMS since its inception in 1973.

With the cooperation of last six PAMS Presidents and many PAMS Chapters and members, we have been able to equip and run the Center. Since opening to the public in 2011, the CMEC Board of Directors has been working hard to keep the Center functioning. Pacifico, a Peruvian insurance company, is helping with the administration of the Center and continues to make regular and significant donations. Dr. Jose Miguel Morales and Dr. Walter Janke also continue to be generous in their support, ensuring that the CMEC functions and grows.

The Clinic has a full-time Administrator, a Medical Director, a full-time general practitioner, several specialists from Lima who come to provide valuable medical consultations, and three nurses have been trained to work in specialized services. The Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, and Dental departments are very well equipped and there are Laboratory, Radiology, Sonography and Mammography facilities. This year a program of Occupational Medicine will be implemented and we hope this will help make the Center self-sustaining.

Several PAMS Chapters have organized Medical Missions to Chincha, and this year there are five Missions with over one hundred and twenty participants. Cooperative Agreements have been signed with the medical schools of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio; Baylor Medical College in Houston, Texas; Wake Forest Medical School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and the “Loayza Sin Fronteras” program of Hospital Arzobispo Loayza in Lima. Medical students from the United States and Peru participate in the activities on a regular basis. Surveys indicate that patient satisfaction with the services provided is high: 97% of patients rated their service received as good to very good.

Programs of preventive medicine are reaching out to indigent patients in the outskirts of Chincha. A television program sponsored by the CMEC regularly educates the community on medical issues. Telemedicine is beginning to function. Patients with cardiology problems already have the opportunity to consult with a PAMS physician in the United States and we hope to expand this program to include other specialties.

The CMEC is a unique PAMS project that needs the help of all of its members. The survival and the success of this project is dependent on your help which can come in the form of donations, participation in Medical Missions, or by being part of our young Telemedicine program or the Television educational program via SKYPE.

Looking forward to your participation.
Anibal Zambrano, MD | President, CMEC

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